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For your own physical safety, I'd suggest using the girls restroom. It may be better to present yourself publicly as a "butch" girl to your peers, than to try to pretend to be a guy. While some people may be openminded about how you feel, others (including your peers and worse, school authorities) may not understand your motivations and may harass or worse, physically abuse you. There's nothing wrong with having deep seated feelings of wanting to be the opposite sex (or feeling as though you have been born as the wrong gender). And, if possible, I would confide this in someone--a trusted adult or family member, or look online for fact and support groups for gender identity disorder. If you can, try to speak to a counselor about these feelings, and to see as you become an adult, if you still have these feelings and what decision to make about staying a female or not. ..... boys bathrooms also have stalls. Go in and sit down. Men wouldn't care even if they knew you were a woman.

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Q: How do you use the bathroom at school once you have changed your appearance to look like a boy?
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