How do you use creatine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Creatine is used in many different ways, and in the end, it comes down to preference.

If you are thinking about using Creatine, do a little research online, and then try out different methods for yourself, to see which work best.

Personally, I take a half a scoop 15-20 minutes before my workout with water, and then another half scoop mixed with gatorade, or whatever I feel like drinking during my workout.

You don't really need more than 5 grams per day.

Also make sure you stay WELL hydrated if you're going to be supplementing Creatine.

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Best use is powdered creatine mix with juice

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Q: How do you use creatine?
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Does Creatine 189 do anything weird?

Yes, When taking Creatine 189 you will start to poop out the shell of the pill. Creatine 189 is a great supplement to use.

Can creatine clean your system of THC?

Creatine does absolutely nothing to clean out your system. People use creatine for a drug test when they drink huge amounts of water to dilute their urine. However when you dilute, your creatine level drops to an abnormal state, and labs can detect this. People take creatine to make their creatine levels average when they dilute.

What level of muscle use the creatine-phosphate powers?

The level of muscle that creatine-phosphate powers is striated or skeletal muscles.

What is a Creatine supplement that bodybuilders use?

i'd suggest the cheapest form..which is creatine monohydrate powder..its effectivenes is proven over time .... remember to drink lots of water while active on creatine..for sure stay away from the formulas( they are nothing but creatine with sugar)...if you find mono creatine discomfort for your stomach you can try ethylester creatine

Can a 65 year old use Creatine?


What sport use the creatine phosphate system?

The sports that use the creatine phosphate system are fast sudden movement sports such as javelin, shot putt, discuss,etc...

How do you pronounce creatine?

You pronounce "creatine" as "kree-eh-teen." It is a nitrogenous organic acid that supplies energy to all of the cells in a vertebrate. Bodybuilders often use creatine supplements before workouts.

What Foods have creatin?

I don't believe creatine forms naturally in food. Our body makes creatine which is the first fuel weFAG use when exercising. Your natural creatine source runs out about 10 seconds into exercising, from there we use our lactive acid system and oxygen system. I believe you can buy powdered creatine at pharmacy's though. this guys an idiot

What can you not take with creatine?

There are no forbidden foods when you supplement with creatine. However, creatine may not suit you, or it may fail to benefit you. For best results, follow the directions on the package. Of course, individual results may vary. Similarly, if something you are eating gives you an upset stomach when you supplement with creatine, either don't eat it or don't use creatine. .

What is the chemical formula of creatine kinase?

Creatine Phosphate + ADP --> (Creatine Kinase) --> Creatine + ATP

Can you take creatine if you use Viagra for erectile problems?


What is the prizie of creatine?

There are 4 types of creatine:Pure creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl esters, creatine kre-alkalyns, and creatine blends.The later 3 creatines are said to be more higly available to the working muscles than standard creatine monohydrate, however their is no conclusive clinical evidence as to which form of creatine is the best. What is clinically proven is creatines ability to significantly improve athletic performance.Pure creatine is often cheaper than the other forms and yet it is very effective.I use in Canada. There is a link to their creatine product category with pricing in the related links section below.