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Health is simply grit. uprade grit to get more health

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Q: How do you upgrade your health on chrome wars arena?
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How do you beat chrome wars arena?

Beat The last boss: Chromus supremus.

Chrome wars arena cheats?

fully upgraded type Hack ! in the name colem

How do you beat broken dmg on chrome wars arena?

buy 5 reapair and 3 shield that s all

When was Arena Wars created?

Arena Wars was created in 2004.

When did Arena Wars happen?

Arena Wars happened in 2004.

How do you defeat chromo domus in Chrome Wars Arena?

in the botshop buy 5 repairs 5 nitros and 5 shields then use the shield bonuses to block his flame throwers then use your nitros to power your attacks and when your health gets low heal yourself and you'll win

How do you upgrade businesses in Mafia Wars Cuba?

Click on the Upgrade button.

How do you upgrade your stats on Mafia Wars?

You can upgrade your stats on Mafia Wars by leveling up and getting profile points or you can buy them from the godfather using reward points and then upgrade your stats.

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Is there a guild wars arena for level 17?

Nope, you have to wait till level 20 and go in random arena, and team arena.

How do you upgrade a weapon in mafia wars 2 on facebook?

Upgrade your weapon shop on your turf. - Mark.

How do you upgrade clones in Star Wars Battlefront?

you can't upgrade clones. However you can play as them in training.