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Well, I would personally get ahold of the persons secrets and tell the other person and just pick out all the bad things and be the best thing to the person you want all to your self but dont let ANYONE know that it was you that told the secrets.

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It may be more accurate to say that you can cause one person to hate another rather than make them hate another person since the act of hating is a choice. An angry, malevolent person can spread rumors, lies, confidential information and negative personal information about a person and that may cause others to hate that person. That decision is inevitably the choice of the recipient of the information spread by the hate campaign. This type of behavior is usually triggered by jealousy, envy, insecurity, poor self image and often occurs as a by-product of unstable teen dating relationships. It can also be a problem amongst adults.

See discussion page.

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Q: How do you turn someone against someone else?
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