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You don't, and can't. All you can do is trust your own judgment and determine if the risk of him lying again is worth any reward you might receive. People can change, but it's difficult (especially without help), and unfortunately, most people don't, or won't change.

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Sometimes it is hard to get over being lied too. The only thing that you can do is to give the person another chance and try to trust them again. Try having a heart to heart with the person and let them know how you feel.

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They LIED, You can not trust your EX-partner.

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In my experience not in certain cases. It all depends on the situation. Ex. Did they lie to protect some one.

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Q: How do you trust your partner after being lied to?
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Should you trust your partner after they cheated lied and spied on you numerous times?

No move on

Should you trust your partner after they cheated lied and spied on you?

No, unless you really believe you can make things right again...

How do you handle being lied to constantly?

You only be lied to if you listen. Drop the lier.

Should you trust your partner?

You should trust your partner! trust is one of the most important signs in a relationship but if he was not trust worthy theres no point being with him/her

How do you trust a girlfriend after being lied to?

If i was being lied to by my girlfriend I would give her another chance just to prove she won't lie and if you find out she lied to you again then i would move on to someone else cause knowone likes being lied to. Kitcat0419

How do I gain my husband's trust back after I lied?

That depends on what you lied about, and why and how.

What is the fear of getting cheated on or lied to?

There is no official term for the fear of being cheated on or lied to. However, it is a trust issue. It may be something that takes awhile to get over.

How do you trust a spouse who has lied to you?

Effectively you can't. Once the basis of mutual trust has been shattered you may forgive the partner but the basis of your relationship will have changed.....( as the saying goes, fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!).

How do I tell my partner I know he lied about sexting other women while we were on a 2 week break and told me he only spoke to them in a non sexual way and to trust him?

You just have to be brave and tell him you know he lied to you. If you feel you cant trust him to tell you the truth then it is probably better you end your relationship. You won't have a good relationship if you can't trust him to tell you the truth. Will you be able to trust him during this 1-9 month separation.

What is another word for being 'lied to'?

what is the word for being lied to

How do you stop being too emotional in a relationship?

You have to take deep breathes and just trust your partner.

Why are we being lied to?

You are being lied to because they do not want you to find out the truth.