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wrap it up in some rolling papers( i find 5 layers is perfect ) and then swallow it with a half of vodka and cola.

if you dont feel all energetic and buzzed and ready to take on the world within the next 2/3hours - then one of a few things has happened:


you messed it up;


it's not amphet, and certainplay not Amphetamine Sulphate


its weak(like <=3% purity YES THAT HAPPENS) - does it smell strong and chemically speedy smell? you need to know what base smells like in the first place to know by the smell i guess.


its not sulphate and is badly created and unperfected in the production process. get yo money back.


OR DUE TO SOME MIRACLE - YU HAVE A NATURAL TOLERANCE TO AMPHETAMINE SULPHATE(this is given that you swallow 1g+ [I preger 2.5g in a bomb]


maybe your one of those people who dont get high the first time they take a drug. it happens. alot more frequently than you'd think.




[United States of America{USA}]

---[United Kingdom{UK}]

they sell cheap testing kits for all kinds of drugs. they even have a 10pack kit with a bunch of the selection, or a custom package where you can select which ones you want.

I can personally vouch for them, used them before to test Heroin, Amphetamine(all kinds- base, salt, sulph, cheapass, meth), LSD, Mescaline, Ecstasy(ANY TIMES after bad trips. I suggest ALL XTC enthrusiasts purchase kits and test all their pills. as i believe they are still edible afterwards, they just change color to let you know contents).


peace and love

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Q: How do you test the purity of amphetamine sulphate?
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