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with a combination of words to form a sentence

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Q: How do you tell your girlfriend what you see in her?
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Why is my family so annoyed that i do not have a girlfriend?

Tell them you have a boyfriend, see if they care about you not having a girlfriend.

How can you tell your girlfriend is a gold digger?

See below for info-

When you went to jail did your girlfriend cheat?

no she tell me never see her again

Your girlfriend expects you to marry her but you want to do that?

tell her if you can handle the pain you will see in her eyes

How can you tell if your girlfriend is a ghost?

you will not be able to vividly see ghosts like humans.

How do you tell your girlfriend you don't want to see her?

Simply tell her. The truth can be hard, but is far better that trying to live a lie.

How do you tell if your girlfriend likes other guys?


Does Ludacris have a girlfriend who is she?

Yes he does. For more info go here: See Related Links It will tell you about her.

How you change a friend into a girlfriend?

tell her that you like her and see if she feels the same way! ;) good luck

Where can you go 2 see how long you and your girlfriend can last?

it's imossible to tell, just be yourself :)

What if a friend wants to bring new girlfriend that no one likes to a function?

i would tell that person how everybody feels and see Wat he says. He is your friend and if you don't like his girlfriend u should tell him.

What sould you do when a boy likes you but he has a girlfriend?

Tell his girlfriend or tell him to dump her for you