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you get into it like this you ask him somewhere and then when he asks you "just as friends"? you say that your not sure after that he will say what do you mean"? then tell him that you dont want to ruin your friendship but you might want to be more than just friends or you can ask a friend one of yours or his to go talk to him about this and ask him if he feels the same way. i hope i helped you. GOOD LUCK!!

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Well, it all depends wether you wanted to be the dumper of the dumpee. If you wanted to be the dumper brake it to him gently say- we've had a great time and all but I'm starting to like someone else. If yiu wanted to be the dumpee, make sure he see's you flirting BIGTIME with his best friend he'll soon get the message start hanging around his best friend instead of him.

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first ask if he likes you and if he is datinganyone and then drop the bomb.

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Q: How do you tell your best guy friend you want him?
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How do you want to get a guy to ask you out?

Get that guy's best friend to tell that guy that you like him, and to ask you out.

What does it mean if your best friend and a guy friend have a conversation and wont tell you about it when it is about you?

that means that they love each other and dont want to tell you

How can you get your guy best friend to like you?

tell him you like him and you want more that just a friendship

You love a guy and he's is your best friend and you want to tell him you love him and you are to shy to tell him that so how can you tell him physically?

Kiss him.

What if u no this guy is gay n he is your best friend and he is going out with your girl best friend n u want to tell her but u ddont want to brake keeping his secret?

: another GAY guy

How do you tell a guy friend that you don't like him and you want to stay with your boyfriend but you still want to be friends with the guy?

Tell him the truth, and make sure he gets the picture that your with another guy. Just tell him that you want to be his friend still.

What if A guy loves you but you want to be his friend?

tell him

How do you process emotions after you find out your best guy friend likes you?

you do not just tell him you only want to be friends

What do you do if your best guy friend likes you but you don't want to accept it?

You simply tell him you don't want to continue the relationship, but still want to be friends.

What do you do if the guy you like likes your best friend but your best friend doesnt even like this guy?

i will tell the guy that i like him the rest is upto him.

What do you do if you like a guy and he already has your best friend as a girlfriend?

Did you ever mention to your friend that you like this guy? Just try to be friends with him and tell him flirty jokes. In My "Opinion" I feel you should respect their relationship. It's going to be hard to watch your best friend date the guy you like but, if you want your best friend then you will just let this guy go and move on.

How do you tell your best friend who you like?

Just tell her or him with confidence depending on your gender, sexual preferences, etc.Example of a best-friend turning into a relationship scenario:A guy likes his best friend who's a girl (the guy has to tell her with confidence)A girl likes his best friend who's a guy (the girl has to tell him with confidence)This is an example for straights to go, but the same idea can go for gays