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Just come out to them and say excuse me, I’ve been looking at you and I was wondering if your all alone .Because if you are I was thinking that maybe

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2y ago
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2y ago
Are you sure about that?
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2y ago
How did you get that answer?
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2y ago
awsum, thx ?
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your vagina or penus gets tingly or you become more self consous of youself because to have dreams of sexing them(thats what happened to me but i woke and i was sexing my teddy)

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Q: How do you tell you fancy someone?
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How Do You Tell Someone You fancy them without speaking?

Kiss them...

How should you tell someone you fancy them?

I think the best way is to just tell them, because they might fancy you back and usually, people like to hear someone likes them

Should you tell that special someone you fancy them?

I think yes, because if you tell them, then they might feel the same wauy about yyou

How can you tell when you fancy someone?

you pretend to hate them when you actually fancy them, that makes them think that you really hate them and you tell your friends you fancy them and they spread it. CRINGE. Boys Well They go ahead and ask them out girls are much more careful.

How do you get someone to tell you who they fancy?

Unfortunately, you can't make anyone tell you who they like. If you're friends with them they may eventually tell you if they trust you. If it's someone from the opposite gender and you're not that close, then they either really don't want you to know as they don't know you too well and don't know if they can trust you, or it is you they fancy

How do you tell someone that you care about them but at the same time tell them that you don't like them?

Just say you care but you don't fancy her or nofin 👍😉

What would you do if you liked someone but that person doesn't know and you don't want to be made fun of if you tell them?

Get youre friend to tell him/her that you fancy them. I did and after a day he asked me out!

What do you do if your best friend fancy you but you fancy someone else?

I hate that situation. I currently, am in it. But I ended up telling him it'd be "healthier if we just stay friends" He/She is your best friend. Yu can tell them anything.

Should you tell a white lie to make someone fancy you?

Probably not, because if you do get together, eventually it will be found out and may ruin your relationship.

How do you tell someone that you fancy them?

Well you should just sit down with him/her or do something and tell him/her. Or I think the easier way how to do it if your shy of him/her just write him/her a note telling him/her. Just ask him/her OUT!

How do you put fancy in a sentence?

"John, If you fancy Jane, just tell her!" or "I fancy a cheese sandwich right about now!"

I know I fancy someone but I don't know who. How can you you tell if you fancy someone?

when your near them you go all sweaty but you always want to stand next to them and you want to talk to them but you can't quite get the words out and you just sort of stand there like a lemon - i know cuz it's happened to me.