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Just go up to them with hat in hand and say "you are not long for this world".

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Q: How do you tell someone you love they're dying?
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Im dying to tell someone you love them but you want to take it slowly is this right?

If you mean to say YOU are dying to tell someone YOU love them, yes, going slow is a good idea, (unless it's your mom, or dad or someone in your family. You should tell them you love them every day.) However, if you are infactuated with someone, words aren't always the best way to tell them so. Actions speak louder than words. Think about what you could DO for this person that will make them understand that you really like them.

How would you say to a dying person that you don't love him or her anymore?

If someone is dying, let them die in peace. DO NOT tell them that you don't love them anymore. == == I agree with the comment above. It is more compassionate to say and do what you can to assure the other person that you care for them, even if it is not love.

What to say to your dead grandpa?

tell him you love him and always will, talk to your parents if your struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is dying. i know from personal experience that if you know someone who is dying. be with them. next to them. and let them know you love them. god bless and good luck. xxx

As Magwitch was dying what did Pip tell him?

His daughter was alive, and he was in love with her

What makes you unforgetablae?

You could get to know someone,if theyre being hurt tell them that it will be okay. Tell them that there is hope. If they dont know what to do then give them suggestions. And also take them aside sometimes and make sure theyre alright

What do you do if someone likes you but u have someone else u like?

tell them theres someone else in your life. dont lead them on thinking theyre going to get to be with you.

How do you tell someone you love him when you have moved on?

how can you tell if someone has moved on

What does it mean when someone says theyre going to five star you?

This means that they are going to tell everyone you are the best.

How can you tell if someone is stoned?

if theyre dazed and zoned out and the some of their eyees are abit red and blood shot!

What should you do if you tell someone you love them and they in response tell you thank you?

You should look for someone else to love.

What should you tell someone you love?

I Love You

Can someone tell to love someone you even if you don't want be in love?

No you can full in love