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They turn into Optimus Prime, look at you, turn into a corvette, run you over, back up, run you over again,back up again, turn BACK into Optimus Prime point at you and say "you have been warned"

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Q: How do you tell if someone wants you to leave them alone?
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How can someone stand up to someone?

all you have to do is tell them to leave you alone sometimes if you tell them to leave you alone it won't work if they keep harassing you tell a parent or teacher they will help you why they keep harassing you,

How do you make someone leave you alone?

If you're at school tell the teacher but if you're not get a restraining order

How do you get an annoying girl to leave you alone?

Tell her politely that you are interested in someone else (even if you aren't).

What do you do if someone knocks on your door at 3A.M.?


What should I do if a 16 year old Emo boy keeps stalking my friend and I and all he wants from me is sex and he said if i have sex with him he'll leave my friend alone but we are only 12?

dont do it tell someone.

How do you get your friend's brother to leave you alone?

Tell him to back off and find someone else to pick on. <3

How do you get a guy to stop talking to you?

Tell him you are not interested you like someone else then say leave me alone please

How do you tell a boy the truth that he really likes me or like someone else?

Leave him alone and back off. He likes someone else.

What do you do when someone likes you but you don't like them and they won't leave you alone?

you just have to tell them that you dont feel the same way

How do you get a boy to leave a girl alone?

tell the supid man to leave the girl alone then punchem

How do you get a girl to leave you alone?

tell kierra to leave the class

How do you get over a ex when you fell for them and they wont leave u alone and calles u and wants to hang out ever 4 months?

jsut tell him. mallory.