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If he is really outgoing he would have told you himself already. Signs, hum lets see. He likes to be close to you. He looks at you with bedroom eyes. You catch him looking at you when your not near him. He likes to touch your hair and poke your arm. He makes comments to you that he doesnt make to other girls around, like about your hair, eyes, clothing, laugh. I say ask him out this is the century of the woman.......Break the ice....

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"Outgoing" usually means in a social situation that you approach people instead of waiting for people to approach you.

Example: You are at a party where you know few people. You might go up and say hello to people you know, and if there are people nearby who you don't know, you may ask your friend to introduce you to their friends. You can ask these people you have just met how they know your friend, it gives something to talk about that could become an interesting conversation.

If you are really outgoing you can introduce yourself to people you don't know and make humorous comments; humor can help loosen up social situations.

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Q: How do you tell if a really outgoing guy likes you?
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Will an inexperienced outgoing guy be shy around the girl he likes?

It depends on how much he really cares about

Why is it that this guy that's normally outgoing shy around me looks at me a lot and doesn't talk to me?

The guy that is normally outgoing but is usually shy while looking at you and does not talk to you is because he likes you and he is afraid to tell you so.

How do you know if the outgoing guy you like who likes you too wants you to make a move?

you can never really predict anyone

How can you be sure if a guy likes you?

Well it all depends .. like is he outgoing? a jock ? kinda nerd ? quiet guy? but generally, if guy likes you, they'll try to talk you. (and that is if the guy is a jock or some what popular.) and usually they'll tease you and make fun of you. But if you want to know if he likes you for 100% , i don't really have an answer for that. All i could tell you is that, if you catch him starring at you during class, that is a BIG sign that he is into you.

If a guy tells you another guy likes you is he lying?

You would be a fool to believe it unless you really are in love with him.Not necessarily. He could be lying, or joking but he could really mean it. If hes friends with the guy he says like you then he is more likely telling the truth. The guy who likes you could of asked him to tell you or maybe the guy who likes you is to nervous to tell you. There are loads of reasons why a guy would tell you that another guy likes you. Personally i wouldn't do anything about it and if the guy really does like you he will tell you himself.

How do you tell if a guy really likes you back?

he will flirt with you and give you signs that he likes you .. :D

What does it mean if a guy trusts you to tell how he feels?

If a guy truest you enough to tell you his feelings that means he really likes you.

Will an outgoing guy act more outgoing around a girl he likes?

Yes,because he knows that he has to act like himself around the one he likes.

How do you know if a guy likes you after you tell him you like him?

If a guy likes you he'll smile when you tell him, and he might be looking at other things, like look at things really fast

Will a confident outgoing guy say hi to you differently if he likes you?


How can you tell if the guy likes you back after hearing from a friend that you like him?

Really you can't tell, you have to ask him.

What does that mean if an outgoing guy can't totally act himself around you for over a year?

That means either he's not really into you or he really likes you and i very shy about being around you.