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If he loved you as much as he may say he does and is still with his old girlfriend then he doesn't love you enough. When you love someone with all your heart you would walk through fire for them, so why would he stick it out with an old girlfriend? I wouldn't be quite too quick to let him know how you feel until he earns your love. He is playing both ends against the middle and he's hurting both you women. Some guy .... egotistical and doesn't care about hurting you or his old girlfriend! Start going out with other men and if he really loves you he'll come after you. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you tell a guy you still love him when you know he cares about you even though he is with his old girlfriend?
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Why does ex girlfriend still check up on you when she has a boyfriend?

Because your g/f still cares about you, even though you aren't together.

Can a boy still like you even though they have a girlfriend?


Does francois steyn still have a girlfriend even though he lives in Paris?

yes he still does

Can 11 year old kids have a girlfriend?

ya even though they are 11 they still can have a girlfriend its not wrong

What should you do when you and your boyfriend break up because he wants to be single even though he still cares about you but needs to experience the single life?

My guess is, move on.

What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she still loves you?

Well it probably means that she thinks you did something wrong, and even though you did it she still loves you and wants to work it out :)

Why does he stare at you and still wear the necklace you gave him even though he dumped you and has a new girlfriend?

it means that he still has feelings for you, even if he has a usually is a sign that he would be your boyfriend once again in life.

Why would a bpd ex girlfriend hang on to your clothes even though you asked for them back?

to make it look like she still had a boyfriend

What does it mean when someone says I still care after you've broken up?

it means that, that someone still cares about you, like that someone still wants to be close to you, though they do not feel what they felt before. he/she still wants to be friends with you after you guys have broken up. He/She still cares about you and you want that person to still be your friend even thought you guys have broken up, true friends cares about each other no matter how many awkward moments you guys have or how crappy you guys had.

Why does it really hurt knowing that your ex girlfriend is dating someone even though you started a new relationship shortly after she dumped you?

you still like her

He used to like me even though he had a girlfriend Does he like me now even though he still has a girlfriend We don't talk at school either?

This is very typical. The guy you like probably still likes you, this has happened to me before. The guy you like has a girlfriend, yet he still has feelings for you. You see boys are very good at holding in their emotions and acting like they don't care. And he may not want to talk to you because he really likes you and is scared that the conversation will turn out awkward.

Can he like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Yes he can like who ever he wants but he really likes his girlfriend.