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I assume you are a teenager. If so, you should immediately get hold of yourself and understand that you're in the midst of adolescence. You may have strong feelings for this particular girl, but you cannot approach a teenage girl in this way. She will either ridicule you (perhaps publicly), or else she will fall in love with you (being in dramatic adolescence herself) and then you will have more on your hands than a simple fantasy. As a teen, you shouldn't be concerned about love, but simply dating. If you have these deep feelings, keep them to yourself and instead ask her to a movie...CASUALLY. If rejected, don't give up. Continue CASUALLY to pursue her. If she accepts, again keep it to yourself. Let the relationship be what it will be. Your more important focus in these teenage years are grades, your health, your belief system, your spirituality, and your future in general.

How does one tell a girl that he loves her and is always thinking of. Well I didn't know if there was more than one way to express it. Would not the easiest way to let it out be...just by saying it? I never like to assume anything so lets just say this could be a grown up person fostering these thoughts. I always like to let my better thoughts flow out because tomorrow might be too late.

Whether you are younger or older love is important in ones life. It's natural to fall in love even as early as 12 (these are called "crushes" and are innocent), but as the one poster said, if you are in your early teens don't rush in.

The best way to approach this is by asking her for a date and taking things slow. Be thoughtful, but don't smother her. For instance, be sure you meet her parents and don't sit outside and honk your horn for her to come out to the car (parents hate this!) Be polite, but have fun. Don't force yourself on her physically and nature will take it's course as to when and if you want to kiss her or even go further (depending on your age.)

Always give her breathing room by letting her go out with friends and don't spend every waking moment with her (you need your own buddies as well.)

Love they say is for the young, but it can also bring pain. If you are young I have no doubt you will have many girlfriends in your life, so tread carefully, be careful and always remember "safe sex" is the best way and don't rush into that one either.

Don't tell her right away that you can't stop thinking about her. Just date, be attentive and care about her. Have fun dates and don't be afraid to double date with another fun couple.

You sound like a nice guy and it was wonderful that you cared enough about how to handle your situation and to share your thoughts with us on this board.

Good luck Marcy

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Well yikes this one is a toughly try avoiding him or her listen to music never be in the silence concentrate in school talk to someone do something that takes a ton of concentration and thinking! until u just dont really care any more and you do not think about him or her!

For more info please visit (if u want) club

thank u

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Most people are scared but if some was not scared 4 steps

Step 1 start a conversation about them

Step 2 make them laugh and laugh along

Step 3 get ready

Step 4 tell them listen i love you if they run off sorry if tehy say i love you back plan something

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You can tell a boy you love him by sending him a text message or telephone call. You can as well wait for a time when you are alone and tell him.

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Q: How do you tell a boy you love her?
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tell them how much you love him, good luck!

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You dont

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all you do is say...Hey boy! i love you

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just tell him!!

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you kiss the boy and tell him you love him

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u say i love u

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you flat out tell him. no games.

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It can be either way, a girl can tell a boy that she loves him or a boy can tell a girl that he loves her.

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i give him a card wrote i love you.

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don't tell him you love him just move on

How do you tell a boy you love them?

It is always best to wait for the boy to tell you he loves you no matter how long it may take him to tell you. Often if you tell a young man you love them first it may scare them away. Love may come when more memories are made by the two of you.

I love you boy?

When a teen girl has deep feelings for a teen boy she may tell him 'I love you boy'. This is a common phrase that teenagers will say to one another.