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Women need a lot of time to get used to an idea like that. First, ask her if there is a toy she would be comfortable in using. If she can't think of any, ask her about one that you are thinking of in particular. Explain why you want her to use it, if you will be playing a part in it, and see what she thinks. It may help to let her "get to know" the device on her own until she is comfortable with you joining in.

If all else fails, watch this clip and laugh so hard she comes over to see what you're watching. This lady is hilarious, and describes a rabbit toy so well I had to buy one to see what she was talking about. Get the wave rabbit. It's worth every penny. I've bought a couple of things from the company who did the video. They're a wholesale site, but they sell to anybody. Most companies want crazy prices for this stuff.

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It's not something that she should be 'talked into'. It's something that requires a lot of serious, honest discussion and research. If your relationship is strong and secure with no jealousies it's a great lifestyle, but not for everyone.

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Q: How do you talk your wife into swinging?
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