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You have to be very sneaky with her. If you dont want her parents knowing, At school ask her to meet you up somewhere everyday so you two can do chat like a normal couple

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Q: How do you talk to your girlfriend without her parents knowing?
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How do you talk to my girlfriend without her parents knowing?

Obviously, being secretive isn't easy. But it's not hard to talk to the girl without her parents knowing. if she goes to you're school, there's a plus. if not, or you just want to see her on weekends than tell her that. Hiding things from parents may seem like a good thing at the time, but just remember all parents are caring and do things for reasons so mabye right now isn't the best time for this girl to date. hmm. hope this helped any !!

How can you treat depression without your parents knowing?

Talk to a guidance counselor, therapist, friends, whomever you feel you can trust.

How do you wear nappies without your parents knowing?

Very carefully? But, if it's matter of necessity, you should talk with your doctor about it.

How can you help an anorexic bulimic without parents knowing?

You can read books about over coming being anorexic or bulimic without your parents knowing. You can also join forums online to talk to other kids who have gone through the same thing you are going through.

How can you put a camera computer in your room without your parents knowing?

You shouldn't do that. Your parents are trying to protect you. There are people who would love to take advantage of a young person with a webcam. Talk to your parents about it, don't disobey them.

How do you get a girlfriend but without your best friend knowing?

This is possible if you are not around your best friend when you talk to her or are in another city, town, state, country, or continent away from best friend.

You want to marry your girlfriend but your parents arent supportive of you getting married how do you talk to them?

ok. if your parents are not suportive tell them how much your girlfriend means to you ok. if your parents are not suportive tell them how much your girlfriend means to you marry her anyway

Why would your girlfriend say she changed her phone number so her parents couldn't ring her and ask you not to talk to her parents and then gets back in touch with her parents without telling you?

maybe she thinks you feel awkward with her parents and didn't wan to put pressure on you.

Do you tell your ex girlfriend's parents that she is dating a married man?

Only if you are sure that you will never talk to your ex girlfriend again.

What does it mean when your ex is in a new relationship but initiates contact with you knowing that his new girlfriend does not like it?

it means he wants to talk to you

Just broke up but dont know what to do girlfriend ended it with me but she was forced by her parents but i still love her to bits but i cant talk 2 her knowing she'l never be mine and i want to get?

If her parents said that she can't go out with you anymore, then I would stay away from her. If they see you together, she will get into trouble.

If your 16 and your parents want to move could you move in with your grandparents if you don't want to leave your pregnant girlfriend without the law getting ivolved?

You should talk to you parents if they don't no she is prego. then tell them wat u want to do and if they don't agree with your options you can take them to family to your grandparents too...