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you still talk but talk less but dont change what ever you do you stay as you are because one day you will find a girl that likes you as you are Just keep everything you say around her kind of short. Dont over talk.But if you dont talk she will think something is wrong or your mad at her.

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Q: How do you talk if a girl thinks you talk too much?
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How do you talk to a girl if she thinks you talk too much?

Shut the heck up and let her talk first. Like most people, girls like to talk about themselves. We all do. If you can train yourself to be a good listener, you can captivate any woman...

What if a guy thinks you talk too much but you dont?

if the guy think you talk to much then you should tell him that, or just go with the flow maybe hes right.

What is a girl who talk too much?

It because they are scared to fight and they dont know how to shut up

What to do if your girl friend still has feelings for her ex?

talk to her about it. it depends how much she still likes her ex too. but the best thing is to talk to her.

What do you do if your girl friend thinks you're too young to make out?

Well maybe you shouldn't be together if she thinks that

Why is it hard to talk to a girl?

Because each girl is wayward sometimes including me. I think it is normal, you needn't care too much.

When was You Talk Too Much created?

You Talk Too Much was created in 1960.

What does 'too big for her bloomers' actually mean?

She is egotistical. She thinks too much of herself. She thinks she's hot, but is not.

When a guy kisses a girl and he thinks he did horrible does the girl think the same way as he does?

It is not true that the girl feels horrible too. The girl can like being kissed by the boy too.

Caesar thinks this character thinks too much and doesn't like anyone having more power than he does?

"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; he thinks too much. Such men are dangerous."

Their is a girl that you like but you talk to and she talk to but she dasnt love you?

then that is just too bad.

Your girl talks too much what should you do?

If she talks a lot then she is trying to get you interested in her life. If your goal is for her to talk less then just respond to what she is saying and talk more.