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Taking things slow varies from person to person. My advice is to keep the lines of communication open by making sure that you are both comfortable in the relationship and how it's moving. I wouldn't constantly harp on the fact of how the relationship is going because that can very easily strain the relationship. Just go with it and let it happen how it happens.

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Q: How do you take things slow with a guy?
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Okay so I'm the type of girl who jumps in relationships but I met this guy and he wants to take things slow What does it mean to take it slow How do I take it slow?

If you are the type of girl who jumps into relationships, but want to take things slowly with a new guy, tell him. Taking things slowly means spending more time talking and getting to know each other before making a commitment.

How can you tell a guy is messing with you?

say you want to take things slow and if he responds well then you hes not messing with you :) hope this helps

Why is it girls arouse when the guy touches her breast?

Because they are surprised, you have to take things slow, unless the girl tells you in words she wants to do something

What if a guy says he likes you but won't actually date you?

It is probably because he either wants to take things slow or is happy where he is now that he doesn't want to ruin the true and important friendship you guys have so you guys can be friends or more than friends but take things slow it is really both your decisions.

What kind of things do you do when dating?

Well. You usually kiss and stuff all depending on the guy, If hes bad boyish he wants to immediately have sex. If he has like a smart Guy appearance he will want to take it slow (:

How do you a a guy out?

Become friends then ask him/her out ,just take things slow when you want to ask someone out ! dont rush them if they dont know you .By Kylee BrooksYou can ask a guy out by simply telling him you would love to go out with him.

How do you ask out your guy friend?

One thing a guy wants is the girl to be herself. First, ask him if he likes you? Take it slow.

Is it wrong to kiss a guy that is a couple of years older than you?

Yes it is. Just be careful. He may be interested in doing more physical things than you are ready for. Take things slow and do not be afraid to say "no, I'm not ready for that yet" Do things on your schedule not his.

What is the best way to tell to a girl that you want to take things slow?

The best way to tell to a girl that you want to take things slow is by telling her the importance of financial stability in a relationship.

What does it mean if a guy you dated twice texts sexually then says he is only teasing and would like to take it slow?

Probably means he doesn't really want to take it slow.

How do you choose between two guy that you really like?

Kelly i picked this to help some one not for them to answer me.what you do is take the one that isn't ready he takes things slow and is problably not drunk the other one is more than liklely drunk but get to know them more before a relashonship make sure that he really cares for you then start a GOOD relashonship take things slow.

What to do with your first boyfriend?

You should take things slow. Hold his hand.