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Just call him up call your loved ones and all Fam first expose in front of everyone then a tight slap on his face

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Q: How do you take revenge on the married woman my husband had an affair with?
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I have a question about remarriage. My ex husband had an affair with another married woman. He married her. I have read in the Bible that a woman can get a divorce from the man if he had an affair.?

Yes, she can get a divorce.

Should you have an affair with a married woman?

Only if you know the husband will not try and kill you

You have an affair with a married woman?

i had a romantic love with a married woman in my church.but no affair.

When was An Affair with a Married Woman created?

An Affair with a Married Woman was created on 1983-09-05.

What does it mean when a married woman tells a man that she is getting closer him?

When a married woman tells a man she is getting closer to him (if it is not her husband she is speaking too) means she is falling in love with him or wants to have an affair. If the male was smart he would hit the ground running and not get into an affair with her.

A married male pastor has a 4 to 5 yr affair with a married woman he is counseling who is not involved with the church does the woman's husband have grounds to sue after the breakup of his marriage?

Yes the pastor can be sued by the husband for breaking up his marriage on adultery grounds.

What to do when an affair with a married woman ends she wants to continue a friendship but both are still in love?

You should not be having an affair with a married woman but if you love her and she really loves you more than your husband you should ask her to divorce him! if she doesnt then she might not really love you as much as you think.

What is a man called when he has a relationship with a married woman?

A1:The man is called the husband if he is married to the woman. Otherwise, he could be called an adulterer. A2:If its a married woman, and a single man, its called an affair. If both the man and woman are married to each each other, obviously, marriage.If both the man and woman are married to two different people, its also called an affair.A3:The man is having a relationship, the woman is having an affair. Either way, it is wrong for both the man and woman.

Could you have pushed your husband to have an affair with a married woman?

If you're asking yourself whether you could have pushed your husband to have an affair with a married woman, the answer is "no." You simply do not have that power. Instead, it was a series of poor choices your husband made that most likely led to the affair. For instance, he decided to look outside the marriage for something he apparently needed. He decided to have an affair. He decided to ignore the marital vows of both your marriage, and those of the married couple's wife whom he had an affair with. So in short, don't blame yourself for your husband's behavior. He's not a child, and you are not responsible for his actions. That said, marital discord is very rarely, if ever, a single sided occurrence. Both parties are responsible for the maintenance of the marriage.

What is the boyfriend of a married woman called?

A married woman can't have a boyfriend - it is their husband. However if they are having a secret relationship with another man then I don't think there's a word for it, but she would be having an affair.

Can a married woman have an affair with a married man?

anyone can have an affair.There are even personal sites for women who want to have an affair, I belive Ashley Madison is the most well known.Answer from Islamic perspective and other religionsPer Islam religion teachings, it is sinful and strictly forbidden to have an affair between unmarried couple, It is more sinful to have this affair between a married woman and a married man who is not her husband. It is the fornication that is forbidden in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism religions,

How the unhappy married woman stop emotional affair at workplace?

First, if you are unhappily married you should most definitely talk about it with your husband. See if there is something he can do differently to increase your happiness. Otherwise, move to Egypt. To stop your emotional affair (if you decide to leave your husband you dont have to) turn the person against you by avoiding them, so they constantly diss you so you no longer have your emotional affair.