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Well, remove her clothes... that's a start... and then what? Remove yours too. Sexy music is good. I was checking this out for reference too. Some advice I would give is to pick soothing music to set the tone, possibly "Usher" for a sensual mood. Sometimes, fast techno or rap hits might be good for a dancing show and rough sex afterwards. My GF bought me this tarzan outfit, so sometimes I surprise her with that. Oh, I think women almost always like a man in uniform, whether it is a business suit, police officer suit; for me it was my old security guard uniform. Remember, not to be rough! then she is annoyed, and not in the mood. Also, to get her aroused, try giving her a back massage in the nude, or a full body massage. Look into getting an authentic Kamasutra book at your local sex store. It will be money well spent. The reason i say 'authentic' is because there will be other books that don't really focus on the massage part, that's my two cents

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make it a surprise. surprises are romantic. most of the time.

if in doubt make it funny.


1. song is critical. If you can't move to it, don't try.

2. Theme....Again match the song. Women love costumes, uniforms.

3. It's not like a woman stripping for a man. Male strippers are out to shock and make the women laugh. (from what my girlfriend and her friends say back room is more intimate like female strippers).

Pick a routine and practice it. Then surprise her. If you don't prepare you won't last 30 seconds before busting out laughing at yourself. Make it fun and even funny. If she wanted a pro she would go to a club. If you prepare you will get an A+ for effort and be thanked in many ways for having the confidence to try ;)

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Women Sexual Partners

This would come under the heading of consensual sexual activity.

Paid Strippers

Female exotic dancers (of which strippers are one form) are paid to excite the male viewers, who usually pay indirectly or directly for this sexually-based activity. For the viewer, this takes the place of normal (private) intimate activities, which are either unavailable to them or not possible for other reasons. Combined with the consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, this is a very common disportment among individuals or groups of men.

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You show her your penis and she will show you hers.

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Q: How do you strip for your girlfriend?
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