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Q: How do you stop urinating while sleeping?
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How can you stop an English staff cross from urinating and defacing the flat whenever you go out or go to sleep He is fifteen months and had him since he was twelve months please advice?

Try Crate training. You'll get a sound sleep and won't have to worry about your dog getting into something while your sleeping or while your not home.

How do you stop a male dog peeing in the house while there is a female dog in the same house?

You can get the male dog neutered, this should stop him from urinating in the house as much as he did.

How can you stop kittens urinating?

You can't.

What are symptoms of kidney disease?

Symptoms of kidney disease are changes in urination, pain in the lower back, discomfort while urinating, dehydration, trouble sleeping, concentrating or dizziness.

How do you stop your white mouse from urinating on you?

amputate the problem

Why can stop urinating?

if you are urinating 24/7 non stop you have to go to doc asap but if it's like once every hour or 30mins than you just have a kidney infection

Can urinating stop dog's pregnancy?

only if you hit them in the eye

Should you human urinate on a cat to stop it from urinating in the house?


What can you do to stop your Australian Shepherd from urinating in your house?

Keep it outside.

How do you stop a child from sliding sideways in her dickie seat while she's sleeping in the car?

use some pillows dear!...

How do you make a city clean and green?

stop littering , urinating and plant trees....

What is the duration of While You Were Sleeping?

The duration of While You Were Sleeping is 1.72 hours.