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you cant-the only way is to treat it and wait until its gone-then you can go to the pool.

If you're trying not to get one then wear flip-flops before getting into the pool and rinse your feet well afterwards

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Q: How do you stop spreading a verruca in a pool?
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How are verrucas spread?

Say if your have a verruca on your foot, if you walk around some were recently and then some one els walks there too , EG: swimming pool area , then they get the verruca. Basically a virus so you better be careful.

How can polio stop spreading?

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What is the plural for verruca?

The plural form for the noun verruca is verrucae.

What is the plural term for verruca?

The plural form for the noun verruca is verrucae.

Is verruca a bacteria?

No, a verruca is a virus. It is actually an expression of the HPV virus.

Does verruca hurt?


Would spreadshot ever stop spreading in space?

It would not stop spreading in space, because of lack of gravity and wind resistance.

Can you do PE with verruca?

Yes you can do PE with a verruca as long as you have it covered and do not get it wet. Infection is spread when the verruca releases virus infected cells onto surfaces e.g. floor in changing rooms.

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Can you go swimming with a verrruca?

Not really. Remember, verruca's are contagious - if you go swimming with verruca, you'll probably infect someone else with it.

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There are material available that convert rust and stop it from spreading. In Australia it is called rust converter. Tel your hardware supplier what you are looking form and I am sure he will guide you to it.