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when i put my had back i get dizzy

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โˆ™ 2012-03-06 03:35:17
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Q: How do you stop feeling dizzy?
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How can you stop feeling dizzy?

have a drink

How do you stop feeling dizzy after smoking weed?

The answer is simple: smoke more.

What is a good sentence for dizzy?

The flu left me feeling dizzy. Feeling dizzy, I sat down.

Why do people say are you feeling dizzy blud what does it mean?

are you feeling dizzy you should know what it means.< but blud means like a word to describe e.g when i talk to you i can say this:are you feeling dizzy mate.are you feeling dizzy laa.are you feeling dizzy lirrd.and other sayings...........................soIN OTHER WORDS IT MEANS A NAME THAT YOU WHOULD CALL YOUR FRIEND/MATE/RELATIVEahaa this was so hard to describe but here is the answer

Does helium make you have a high feeling?

No. More like a dizzy feeling.

Why are you feeling dizzy with headaches?

high blood pressure

Which sensation is responsible for a dizzy feeling?

semicircular canals

I get dizzy all the time so i have to go doctors. what are they likely to doe.g. blood test?

Being Dizzy is a normal symptom for those who suffer from low blood pressure... Drinking lots of water is one way to stop feeling dizzy... You should still advise your doctor, just incase.

Why do you feel dizzy when you turn 7 times?

When you whirl around, the fluid in your ears starts moving around. When you stop suddenly, the fluid keeps sloshing around for a bit. This makes you feel as if you are still moving even though you are not. This creates the dizzy feeling.

What does your ear have to do with you feeling dizzy?

The ears play a huge role in feeling dizzy. If a person has an ear infection, the inner ear can be affected, and the person will experience vertigo. This happens because the inner ear controls a person's equilibrium, or feeling of balance.

Mujhe chakkar AA rahe hai in English?

I am feeling dizzy

What is woozy?

Woozy is is a feeling like dizzy or causing whirling sensations.

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