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This may seem silly, but just turn your phone on loud. Then you don't have to check it because you will know if you get a text. To take your mind off it, do something that you really enjoy doing to forget about it! :) I completely agree with what the other person just said but maybe you should just text her instead if you really like her and she will probably text you back.

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Q: How do you stop checking the phone for texts from a girl you like?
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Do girls like when a guy texts her everyday?

Depends on the girl.

When a girl texts a guy do they laugh and get exited?

I don't know if they laugh lol but they might get excited depending on how much they like that girl. Yes, girls do get quite giggly and excited when a boy they like texts them.

What does it mean if a girl says text me but she doesn't respond teirs this girl who i like and she agreed to go on a date with me but she hasn't responded to my texts?

If she agreed to go on a date with you, then she probaley likes you. Even if she dosnt respond to your texts. Maybe she lost or phone or her battery died... She might be really nervous to talk to you. Their is many reasonable answers.

If a girl gives you her phone number for no aperent reason do she she like you?

if a girl gives you her phone number and a hug does she like you

Is he cheating if he is hiding secret texts to a girl?

Sounds more like he's texting.

What does it mean when a guy whistles at a girl?

Whistling at a girl is often seen as disrespectful and objectifying, reducing her to an object of desire rather than treating her with respect. It can make the girl feel uncomfortable or harassed. It is important to communicate with others in a respectful manner and refrain from behaviors that can be perceived as inappropriate.

How do you ask a girl for her phone number if you are in middle school?

You could try by giving her your phone number first and seeing if she calls/texts. This is a good way to see if she is interested in getting to know you more, and you don't feel like you are harrassing them by calling all the time!

I really like this boy he texts you a lot and tells you he loves me many people think he like this other girl that he hasn't talked to at all in the holidays he texts me every day does he like me?

Ask him not strangers

Does a girl like you if she texts you 5-6 hundred times a day?

Shes totally crazy about you.

Why a guy smirks at a girl?

he's just checking her out.

How do you know if he won't's to cheat?

He Starts to act all silent and mischievous around you and he treats you like a normal girl other then his girlfriend/wife. You can tell if he is cheating by checking his phone and making sure he has not been chatting to a girl his age who you think he would cheat on you with!

I like this girl who i rarely see but she always blanks my texts i think she nos i lime ger but i dot no what i should do?

There is one thing that you can do if you like a girl. You will just have to talk to her and tell her.