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get someone new to care about. No, just getting someone new is not a solution. If they are bad for you, then find things to distract you. Stay away from that person as much as possible. You don't want these old feelings hitting you in the face every time you see them. For example: "Let's say this smoker named Juan just quit smoking. He is not completely confident about not going back. John comes up with a marlboro cigarette. It tempts Juan. He may go back." Therefore, it is best to stay away as much as possible, as not to be tempted. Old feelings for the one you love at one time will only hurt you more and more. There is no use in going through life hurting yourself over and over again. If they are good for you on the other hand, you need to just take some time to let things settle down if you've had a fight or something. Things will get better, and if they don't then it's for everyone's own good. There will be someone out there that is better for you. Like I said, There is plenty of fish in the sea. One will come swimming your way. Don't go out looking for it, it will come to you, hun.

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Well, you can't really stop caring for a girl if you truly love her... but if you don't, ignore her or think of the negatives that really affect you. And if she doesn't have anything negative about her then you're often in love with her.

Otherwise, it's a bit impossible...

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We can't recommend you do without knowing if it is a cause for concern or not. If you mean in general, that's like asking how do I become a more rotten person.

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Q: How do you stop caring so much?
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