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Here's how:

  • Get enough sleep! Kids and teens need 10-12 hours of sleep every night in order to feel alert and smart in school.
  • Eat the right foods! Stay away from junk food, because it gives you a "sugar rush" that will wear off after 15-20 minutes and then leave you feeling even more tired than before.
  • Stay away from "energy drinks!" First, they wear off after 15-20 minutes and leave you more tired than before -- even the "Five Hour" drinks will "drop" you once they wear off. Second, they have massive amounts of sugar, which is bad for you. Third, they are very hard on the stomach -- I've seen kids who developed ulcers from drinking too many of those things (I work in a pharmacy).
  • Exercise! Your body actually feels more alert right after you exercise than it does if you don't exercise at all -- this sounds backwards, but the body needs movement in order to function properly.
  • Breathe! Taking deep breaths helps get more oxygen to the brain, and makes you feel more alert -- this is why we yawn.
  • Drink a glass of water! I know, it sounds weird, but it does wake you up, especially if it's cold water.
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Q: How do you stay awake when you didn't fall asleep?
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How do you stay awake all night long?

no way in the morning you would fall asleep so there is no reason why

How do you stay awake for one week?

You can't. After two or three days, your body will make you fall asleep.

How do I fall asleep faster?

If you want to go to sleep faster, you just have to try and stay awake. It's like a reverse thing. Try it out. It actually works.

How long does a scorpion stay awake?

It would stay awake all night ( nocturnal ). Then it would stay asleep for the day.

Is it possible to be to lazy to sleep?

Yes it is possible. I have the same problem. all you do is fight the urge to stay awake and close your eyes and you will fall asleep. :)

What did Mr. Wopsle's great aunt have a tendency to do at the evening school?

fall asleep

What does it mean to not be able to stay asleep?

It means that you are unable to stay asleep for a long period of time. You may be able to sleep for 10 minutes then wake up again and stay awake for i dunno half an hour...then fall asleep for another 10 mins. I think you can see where this is going. We call this insomina...where you are unable to go to sleep.

Does smoking keep one awake?

Nicotine is a stimulant that can disrupt sleep patterns, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Smoking before bedtime is not recommended as it can lead to poorer quality sleep.

What to do when your supposed to be asleep?

write a story see how long you can stay awake draw read a book text your friend who is still awake

How do you stay awake in day after staying up all night?

Lots and lots of Mnt. Dew or what ever you like. Or just try not to stay in one place to long or someware that's really comfertable or you will fall asleep. But unless your doing nothing all day then staying awake isn't that hard.

Are you supposed to fall asleep during I-Doser doses or stay awake?

You can cover your eyes and you will see things, but you can also do it with your eyes open. you just need to not get distracted. Its stronger with your eyes closed though.

What are side effects to a male after he has sex?

Melatonin is released, which is the hormone that induces sleep. If he really wants to, he can stay up, keep himself awake, but it is very easy to fall asleep afterwards. nothing else I can think of.