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Apparently, you want to experiment with adjusting the way your face appears.

There's a reason why your parents don't want you to wear makeup. You are best advised to discuss this underlying reason with them, and come to some agreement about the 'real issue', which probably isn't makeup at all.

Then, take your mum with you to a department store makeup counter, and with your mum, learn how to use your face as a canvas and apply the paint, so that you can accentuate your best facial features and minimize those that detract from your natural beauty.

Also, learn the best way to clean paint off your skin, so that your skin doesn't harbour bacteria and other germs that can cause or foster acne and pimples.

Strike a bargain with your parents so that together you define special times when you can wear makeup, and learn now to enjoy it and use it to maximize your individual good looks.

If you are younger than about 16, don't try this at home. Keep your face clean so that your skin can maintain its best tone and condition. Your youthful skin won't remain youthful very long; enjoy it as long as you can.

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You can buy unperfumed deodorant, and if you get it in stick, cream or roll on form (not aerosol spray) no one should know, especially if you keep it out of sight and not left lying around.

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Q: How do you start using deodorant without your parents knowing?
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