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Good luck.

Your parents know everything.

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Q: How do you sneak and call your boyfriend?
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Is it a good idea to sneak your boyfriend in your room late at night?

No it is not a good idea to sneak your boyfriend in late at night. Unless you want to get caught its not the best idea.

What does it mean when you call someone a sneak?

it means if you are a sneak, you are cheeky and smart! if you are a sneak, you do things without others knowing! in a good way though :) Let me use in sentence...the pirates to sneak up on their victims.

What do you do if you sneak out with your boyfriend and your parents don't know?

You can't. Your parents will know. Believe me. Your parents were young once.

What do you call a kid that likes to run away or sneak out?

Chronic Runaway.

How do you sneak out of the house WITH an alarm system in every exit possible?

Call me

How can you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you without him knowing?

You can silently sneak out his cell phone. It can contain the messages of the other person.

Should i call my friend or my boyfriend?

Your Boyfriend♥

Can you call Rikers Island to have your boyfriend call you back?

no they don't take messages at a jail and tell someone to have there boyfriend call

Is it wrong if you talk to a boy and you have a boyfriend but that boyfriend won't call?

No, because if your boyfriend wont call then actually he is not really your boyfriend. Try the new boy, he may be better!

How do you have your sims sneak out in Sims 2?

Only teen Sims can sneak out. Click on the phone before midnight, select "Call..." and then "Sneak out". A menu will appear, and you can choose which friend to sneak out with. be carefull though! make shure all the sims in your house are alsleep or in another room intertained

What do you call a friend that tells you she aborted her boyfriend's baby when in reality she aborted your boyfriend's baby?

A caniving (person who has sex with anyone and everyone they can) you know the word for it....well you can call them anything but a friend! and as for the boyfriend...well, you can call him anything but a boyfriend!

What should you call your boyfriend with a lovely nickname?

well I would call my boyfriend honey or sweety or sexy!