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Hopefully, you will never break your elbow because it is painful and it could cause you never to be able to move your elbow without discomfort or pain again. With that said, a broken elbow can be the result of jumping off a swing, falling down stairs, other types of falls, abuse from one person to another, or other causes.

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dont sleep on the side with the broken elbow

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Q: How do you sleep with broken elbow?
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Does Ryan sheckler have a broken elbow?

currently i dont think so he has broken his elbow 6 or 7 times

What happened to jem when he was nearly thirteen?

Jem broke his arm while escaping from Bob Ewell in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird."

What does it mean if you dream about someone rubbing your elbow?

Rubbing the elbow has no particular symbolic significance. It is possible that the dreamer's elbow rubbed against something during sleep, and that sensation triggered the dream.

What is average settlement for broken elbow and surgery in new york?

1. 50

What is the average insurance settlement for broken elbow injury in California?

100 k

How should you sleep with a broken rib?

When you have a broken rib you should sleep so that there is no pressure on it. This might mean sleeping on your back or on your good side.

Can you move your lower arm up and down?

Yes. lol If you have an elbow or your arm isn't broken you can move it!

How many times has Tony Hawk broken a bone?

Tony Hawk has broken one bone in his body; his elbow. He has had a lot of scrapes on his shins and he had his front teeth replaced if that counts...

How do you know if you broke your elbow?

you can tell if your elbow is broken or not if you can straighten or bend it all the way,if you can not do that then it might be . A sprain hurts more than a break. Also, if your elbow is swollen, has a bruise, or if you can't move it all the way normally, it may be broken. The elbow is a bone that you can move a little if it is broke. You should ice it, have pain killers, etc. If this isn't enough afer 3 days or so, you should see a doctor, get xrays, etc. good luck....

I broken my arm and they did not put it in a sling is this right?

If you have a cast on, casts that go up to just below the elbow won't need a sling. If the cast is above the elbow, a sling is often uses but is not vital to heal the arm.

Can a dog die in sleep?

Generally speaking: no. However, a broken leg requires veterinary care as soon as possible.

Can you move your arm if it is broken?

No you can not move your wrist if you break your arm. You also cannot move your elbow this is if the break is below your elbow. If the break is above your elbow you cannot move your elbow or your shoulder.