How do you shag someone hard?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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First you have to gently begin to kiss passionately then begin to undress rubbing penis's and pussys would work a treat. Then start by gently pushing the penis in and out of the vagina. Progressively get faster until you feel you can push no more and keep that fast pace going for as long as you can hold it. When you get tired out, let your partner know then gently slow down. After finishing, fall into one another and kiss and carress and rub each other. When you have caught your breath, begin again and continue for as long as possible to maximise pleasure and chance of cumming. If you do cum, congratulations. You will know because liquid from the penis will ooze into the vagina giving a wonderful feeling.

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if you are the girl make the boy horny by lets say wear a short skirt and a tong then go over to where his sitting and pretend to let somthing fall bend down and pick it up slowly when i did this i wasn't even up right when i felt my skirt been pulled down and my pink tong then he put his dick into me and stated to it doggy stlye it was amazing...........................................

if your the boy call her into the bedroom and tie her on the bed and pull down her trouers and underwear and stick your dick into her and do it there will be nothing stopping man did it with me i thought it was brilliant i love having sex..........................................................................

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Q: How do you shag someone hard?
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Shag is a British term for sex, thus if you shag someone, you have sex with him/her.

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No, but most people think it's more fun that way.

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