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Just tell him that his son is no good in bed and you have always wanted to sleep with a mature man. He will shag you at the first chance he gets

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Q: How do you seduce your friends dad?
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How become friends again with wife's best friend who tried to seduce?

you don't become friends with her. she will only cause trouble

Who is carlina Phillips' dad?

my best friends dad

You are mad about friends mother you send her cards and flowers what can you do to seduce her?

You really shouldn't do anything - not only is this an older woman but this is your friends mother and that would just be wrong.

Who owns adventure land?

My friends friends dad!

What should you do when your ex-husband is still friends with your dad?

tell your dad that hes making it harder for you whenever they are friends.

How does rich dad poor dad affect you?

If your friends dad is rich then that could be very dangerous because your dad which is very poor would like to kill him. So if your friends dad is rich you need to break up with him/her.

What to do if your ex friends dad is friends with your grandpa?

kill them and say i did not do it

What does seduce my mind you can have my body seduce my soul and I'm yours forever mean?

seduce my mind means be decent on the showing but seduce my soul means you are pure! You are mine ... Answer and I am yours!

Can you give me a sentence for the word seduce?

The mysterious stranger tried to seduce her with his charming smile and smooth words.

What should you do when a girl tried to seduce your best friend and now apologized and wants to become friends with him?

Half and half. You can take the apology and be friends,or you can drop her. Its odd she did that and id be watching very carefully.

Who dos Harry Potter bring back with the resurrection stone?

His Dad and his dad's friends

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One of Kenny's Dad's friends.