How do you scare a boy?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Go to school in a short skirt and the same knickers you slept in. Then sit on his desk a lot, walk up the stairs in front of him, and make sure you give him a face full of bum whenever you can!

Do this and then flirt with him ALOT! Make him like you then when he asks you out, make sure your in a public place and scream "NO! NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS" in his face and walk off. Everyone will be laughing at him and he will be really embraced and very very annoyed .x

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You can scare boys in different types of ways. You can scare them by sneaking up on them and scare them. If you really want this to work, you might want to find out what he fears most of so that you can scare him. For example, if you ask a boy what he fears the most, and he says that it is millipedes, you might want to do something to him, that is related to millipedes. You can try to put some millipedes in his bag, pencil case/box, or anywhere else. So, just ask him what he fears the most, and do something to scare him, like a prank.

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Q: How do you scare a boy?
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