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you say it as it is 'sierra' with a french accent

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Q: How do you say sierra in french?
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How do you spell the name sierra in french?


Was sierra Leone a french colony?

No, Sierra Leone was colonized by the British.

What is french for the name sierra?

The Spanish word 'sierra' is 'montagne' in French. The old French word 'serre' meant the same but is no more in use.

How do you spell Sierra Leone in french?

Same as in English, "Sierra Leone" (fem.). The long form is "République de Sierra Leone" (fem.)

Was Sierra born a male?

Sierra Noble is a Female!! ..i am sorry to say ,.

How do you say sierra in spanish?

Sierra is spanish so you would just say sierra. and to someone that sed it means forest it dosent it means MOUNTAIN.I would know because my name is Sierra and im Puerto rican. :)

Who is sierra to Selena Gomez?

say what?

What is 'sierra' in French?

Chaîne de montagne is a French equivalent of 'sierra'. Both the French and the Spanish words translate into English as 'mountain range'. The French phrase is pronounced 'shehn duh mohn-ta-nyuh'. The Spanish is pronounced 'see-EHR-rah'.

How do you say sierra Nevada in spanish?

Sierra nevada is a Spanish phrase. It means snow-capped mountains

How do you say i love you sierra Leone?

i'd loven you

How do you say the name Sierra in Spanish?

Sierra is the Spanish word for "mountain" or "mountain range". It already is a Spanish word, but to say it as a Spanish word, remember to roll the "rr".

How do you say leave me alone in sierra Leone?

Actually, in Sierra Leone there are all types of capital, there so you need to be more specific like Freetown we say left me.