How do you say I lust you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well to be honest, you say I want you bad...really bad

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Q: How do you say I lust you?
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Is lust jealousy?

NO. It is not correct to say that lust is equivalent to jealousy.

How do you say lust in tagalog?

the closest translation of this (lust) is "libog" if lust means excessive sexual appetite but for any other meaning of lust like -lust of power = hayok/kahayukan -lust for money = gahaman

How do you say lust in French?


How do you say lust in German?

noun # Wollust # Lust # Sinneslust # Begierde # Gier # Brunst # Verlangen verb # gieren

What is the Kannada word for 'lust'?

In Kannada, we would say: Bhagaapekshe.

If a guy asks you out but never talks to you did he love you or lust for you?

Lust, Love would mean he was interested in all aspects of you from your looks to personality Lust would be where he only wants you for sexual reasons and your body and nothing else so in this case i would say lust.

Can lust be controlled?

well as what lust seems 2 me i would say no it can not IF its an OBSESSION. people look then pic. it then ,...well u get where im going with this?

What does Guru Granth Shaib says about over indulgence in Sex -- Lust -- Promiscuity and Attachment?

It does really say anything, but remember lust is one of the panj jour

How did you say bucket lust in French?

My bucket list = Ma liste de seauxMy bucket lust = Mon désir de seau

What songs have lust in the title?

Here's a few.. "Blood Lust" by Samson "Love Out of Lust" by Lykke Li "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop "Lust for Life" by Drake "Lust, Lust, Lust" by The Raveonettes "Lust in Space" by Gwar "Laughter & Lust" by Joe Jackson "Love Or Lust" by Cash Cash "Lust" by Buckcherry "Lust" by Shaggy "Lust" by Fatty Koo "Lust" by Low "Sodomy And Lust" by Cradle of Filth "Swindlers Lust" by Public Enemy "Lust" by Rick Springfield "You Lust" by The Flaming Lips Here you will find more..

What is lust in German?

lust in German is lust

When was A Question of Lust created?

"A Question of Lust" is a song by Depeche Mode from their album "Black Celebration," which was released in 1986.