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kissimi nema

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Q: How do you sat kisses in french?
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When was French Kisses created?

French Kisses was created in 2004.

Types of kisses?

French Peck

How you say kisses in french?


What actors and actresses appeared in French Kisses - 1930?

The cast of French Kisses - 1930 includes: Robert Agnew Betty Boyd Monte Collins

How do you spell kisses and hugs in french?

kisses= baiser hugs=câlins

I love your kisses in french?

"j'aime tes baisers"

What does the French word bizous translate to in English?


How do you spell big kisses to you also in french?

Bisoux A+

How do you say morning kisses on your sweet lips in French?

The French sentence for 'morning kisses on your sweet lips' is 'baisers du matin sur vos levres douces.

How do you say French kisses in Paris in French?

baisers de France à Paris

Who sat in the middle of the French in the French metting hall?


How does a boy French kiss a girl?

He kisses her with the use of his tongue.