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People sabotage relationships for many reasons. Sometimes they do this because they are to coward to end the relationship honestly. Sometimes they so it because they are insecure, and do not feel worthy. Sometimes they were raised in an unhealthy environment and are self destructive.

Sometimes they just don't want to look bad breaking up with someone while they are going through a hard time.

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Well, first you have to either make a rumor of either the boyfriend or girlfriend. Or if you have a friend to help you, you can have them flirt with the boyfriend or girlfriend. And take a picture of it, then send it to the opposite sex. And most likely they will be mad, and break up with the girl or boy. That's how you sabotage a relationship.

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Q: How do you sabotage a relationship?
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nope will never ever be one in a relationship'"

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A fear of being dominated or controlled in a relationship can limit a person's ability to commit to the relationship. This can sabotage the success of the relationship.

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what you do is you sabotage the relationship by flirting with the guy then take him

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you sabotage the relationship by an evil plan (evil plans may vary according to the relationship) then make your move swiftly and prey on her vunerability

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It is dangerous to be concerned with astrological signs when considering a relationship. You may bias yourself and sabotage something that could be great. Making a relationship work has nothing to do with signs and everything to do with both partners making an effort.