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Speak from your heart, be honest

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Q: How do you propose love to a lady?
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Can you get married on imvu?

Yes You Can And How You Can Is Fall In Love With Somebody On IMVU And If Your A Man Propose To The Lady And If Your A Lady Propose To The Man Or Wait For Him To Propose To You :Hope I Helped:

Can a girl propose the love or only boys should propose the love?

Yes she can.

Is it wrong to propose to a older man?

if you love her propose then but only if you love here and the distants is 10 ears

You want to propose your love you want to make it really special what should you do?

Wait you want to propose a ring or tell someone you love them?

How do you propose on The Sims?

Well, you have to be in love with the sim that you like. When u are in love, click on him/her then click propose- then theres like engagement or marrage.

How do you propose to a Sim on The Sims 2 open for business?

They have to love you, and you have to love them, and neither of you msut be married, engaged, or a teenager and below. Then u can propose

How do you propose to a strange girl for love?

i ask my freind to question her for my love

How do you propose a girl U LOVE?

get on your knee.

Does propose mean love?

When a person proposes to another person, they are asking that person to marry them. So, in my opinion, propose should definitely mean love!

Which day can propose love in week?

Valentine's Day.

How can you propose love to a girl?

You ask her father for permission.

How can a boy propose to a girl in The sims?

they have to be in love. Then click on the girl while playing as the boy and choose "Propose" and then "Engagement".