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You really should enlist the help of a professional (not a beauty salon, not wal-mart and not the mall), if they try to use a gun RUN! If you really think you must do this on your own you need TWO PRESTERILIZED needles and I find that circular barbells (also sterile) work best in new ear piercings.

I did my own piercing at home and they didn't get infected. I took a sewing needle and let it sit in hydrogen peroxide for a hour. Then take two ice cubes and hold them to your ear until the area you want to pierce is numb. Take then needle and push it through the skin you will hear a pop and it will hurt I'm not gonna lie to you it does hurt!! Make sure you don't do your piercings to close together. (I did and i am letting mine heal now and redoing it) Leave the needle in your ear for a few minutes and then take the needle out really fast and put the earring in! if you wait to long the earring wont go in! and it will really hurt to have to redo it! Clean the area twice a day!! other wise it will get infected!!

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Q: How do you pierce your ears on your own?
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