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If you're talking about Second Opinion, first you have to open up some screws. Ultrasound/magnify an area near the bottom, you will see some directions. Turn the Upper left and lower right screws left and the upper right and lower screws left. (use the scalpel)

Then, play with the plugs a bit. I don't quite remember, but I think the plug on the left had to be put in the third position (counting from up to down) and the right had to be on the first.

Then, you must laser the panels around the bombs. (Great. More antigravitational stuff.) Be careful to not hit the red panels, or the bomb itself. Take note that when a panel is blinking red, it will periodically move on to another panel that's right next to it, so it's wise to not hit a panel that's touching a red one. It also ensures that all the panels not touching a red one are safe and you won't get blasted.

Once the panels are off, time goes down to 30 seconds and a rotating rings of panels will appear around the core. If you want it the easy way, activate the Healing Touch, and whatever you do, do NOT laser the panels. Only laser the core. If you're going for the XS, however, have fun not hitting the panels.

Anyways, if you're talking about Under the Knife's bomb, start by transferring water from one tube to the second (not all of it). Then you will move on to the other part of the bomb. Pull stick-like things out all the way, and watch out for the meters below. Gel them to lower them.

The 3rd part are a bunch of chips. Laser the connected-to-dynamite ones.

Switch stages to check the water and meter. And be fast, or boom!

Then, time speeds up. Wires are shown. Scalpel the red ones off (Healing touch if you need to) and you win.

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Q: How do you operate on the bomb on trauma center?
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