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Well, dont bring a bunch of people with you to watch. They could to stuff that could make it really akward. Dont be shy just go right up to her and ask.

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Q: How do you not get embarrassed when asking a girl out?
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What if you embarrassed the girl in public?

Depending on how you embarrassed her; say sorry or let it be.

What does it mean when a girl says ummm when asking about a boy?

It usually means she or someone she knows really likes them and she is nervous or embarrassed and doesn't want people to know.

How do you deal with a girl when she feel embrrassing?

Assure her that it is okay to feel embarrassed and that it happens to the best of people. try to comfort the embarrassed girl

How do ask who are you dating?

Just say it! If you are embarrassed then you should not be dating them! You just have to be sincere in asking it.

How come a shy girl say she is embarrassed by her crush instead of saying she is embarrassed being around him especially when her friends approve of him?

A girl should never be embarrassed by her crush in any given situation. It also sounds like the friends would be lying that they approve of him. Either her friends have lied to the crush, or the girl lied to her crush that her friends approve of him.

Why do boys tend to not speak to a girl in public?

They are shy and embarrassed wimps.

How do i stop being embarrassed with a girl?

You shouldn't that is what other people think

What should you say when you are asking a guy out when you both are in fifth grade?

If your both in fifth grade just go up to him. The boy that your asking out will like that you, a girl asked him out because usually it's the other way around , the boy asks the girl out. When you ask him out be calm, collected and casual just walk up at him if you see him alone in the hall way and say "I kind of like and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me." When you ask him out make sure that it's you that's asking him out not one of your friends asking him out for you. but, if you are to embarrassed to do that just calmly and gradually try to become friends with him and his friends. after you aren't embarrassed to go up to him and ask him, just say, "oh hey, ______, i was just wondering if you can come with me to _____. if he says he has sports practice, even though he doesn't, or says he can't make it he is probably to embarrassed to say yes or he just doesn't like you at all.

What is the girl name is what makes you beautiful?

The girl's name is Irene. Extra Harry has a crush on her and felt embarrassed when he had his solo.

At school are guys embarrassed to go out with a girl in the year below?

It depends on the guy.

What if your teacher teases you and a girl about liking each other and the girl blushes.... And you actually DO like the girl?

I would take it as a good thing. There is two reasons a girl would blush.... she is embarrassed that the teacher brought it up or she is embarrassed cause she has been thinking about you. Either way it gets you into her mind, and familiarity breeds love.

Should you tell a girl you know she is pretty?

Only tell a girl if you like her and if you won't get embarrassed. Also tell her if she likes you.