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I don't think it's possible

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Q: How do you not be scared of spankings?
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Are spankings embarrassing?

Sure bro

You are 13 Are you too old to get spankings?

it depends

Did Justin Bieber get spankings when he was a child?


Does rory gets a spankings from her mom?

Probably she does.

Teens that get spankings?

As wierd as it seems, it can and does happen.

What if you are bad?

You get bad boy spankings from y0 mama

Are spankings useful?

They can be if done the right way, but they can also be abusive.

what happeds if you are bad?

You get bad boy spankings from y0 mama

Who created spankings?

A man by the name of Bob Delaghetto... L2research.

When Taylor was growing up did she get spankings?

i think so

Did Jimmy Fallon get spankings?

Based on his age and his social class, it is likely that he was not spanked as a child.

When is it eligal to get spankings?

When you leave marks that last more than 1/2 an hour afterwards