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eat cold sorbet with mint leave

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Q: How do you neutralize your pallette?
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How tall is Eugene Pallette?

Eugene Pallette is 5' 9".

What is a pallette?

A pallette is either of the rounded plates in the armpits of a suit of armour.

What was the use of the pallette?

The use of the pallette is to have space to mix and create new colors and to get paint off of.

A sentence with pallette in it?

An artist can create many different shades on his pallette with just a few colours.

When was Eugene Pallette born?

Eugene Pallette was born on July 8, 1889, in Winfield, Kansas, USA.

What rhymes with pallette?


When did Eugene Pallette die?

Eugene Pallette died on September 3, 1954, in Los Angeles, California, USA of cancer.

What is the Scrabble word ateplelt?

pallette, platelet

What is the homophone for palette?

pellet and pallette can be homophones

Does the 88 Color Multi Makeup Pallette come with brushes and applicators?

Yes the 88 Color Multi Makeup Pallette includes brushes and applicators

How do you dress up like an artist?

Smock. Beret. Pallette.

What is the analogy ingredients is to a recipe as colors is to?