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well you put ur lips on his bare stomach and do the ppwwwffttt thing then when he laughs stick ur finger in his mouth and pull his toung out and hold it then put jalepinio sauce on it and tickle him causing him to swallow itt then when he tries to leave say

"hey baby want to hear my juciest secret? " "im a man" then when he dumps u say "sorry i thought you were gay" then laugh your head off at the fact that you arent really a man and that you just insulted him in a clever way,then go buy some ice cream snd watch old re-runs of little house on the prarie.


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boys are much easier than you may believe, n if it is ur first time it is really easy. just breath from ur nose and dont separate very often just for minutes on end stay together open mouthed and do the "tongue dance" just do anything n dont fell awkward or make it for him, just go with the flow. swirl ur tongue all around in his mouth n vice versa, it may sound odd reading it but its actually very enjoyable n bound tto make him n you hot. tongue to tongue, tongue to teeth, tongue to lips, tongue to everything. sorry to those whom this helps none, i tried good luck make outers <3

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Q: How do you makeout with your boyfriend?
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What should you do when your boyfriend?

makeout with him

Where would you makeout with your boyfriend?

anywhere. just make out!

How do you makeout with our boyfriend?

akward question...but it just happens but take it slow and makeout somewhere quiet where noone can find u

What should you do if your boyfriend tries to kiss you in the movie theatre?

kiss him back and makeout

You are 11 and you want to makeout with your boyfriend should you?

No. Go home, you're 11.

Should you makeout with my boyfriend when you're 13?

Yeah why not , u gooo gurl

Is wrong for your 12 year old boyfriend want to makeout with you?

Yes, you are too young.

Is it bad to makeout with your boyfriend in the stairwell at church?

Yes. It is bad form and rude. Do it some place else.

What to do with your boyfriend after you makeout?

I guess you could just hold each other and talk or sit and hold hands while you talk.

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and he wants to makeout but I'm scared and don't know how what should i do?

Hope this helps. =)

How can you tell if a guy wants to makeout?

well you can tell if he starts flirting and then becomes youre boyfriend then moves closer and closer and then pukers.

Should your boyfriend take off his shirt whall you makeout?

Only if he feels comfortable about it and its something you both want. Otherwise keep your clothes on