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Q: How do you make yourself not have to go pee when you have to go really bad?
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How do you make yourself pee immediately?

go to youtube and watch videos of people peeing.. while you are hearing that person peeing, keep thinking "i have to pee really bad" over and over again while pushing on your bladder

Should you pee yourself?

When you pee your pants you make a wet spot in your pants. And it feels good to let it out.

Is it bad if someone pee in your mouth?

No, not really.

How would you wow a guest who was in a bad mood?

make them laugh really hard until they pee in there pants.

Eleven girls that have to go pee really really super bad?


Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of water?

he had to pee really bad

How do you make someone wet there pants?

I don't know why on earth you would want to but if you really do, drink ten glasses of water and you'll need to pee in minutes, and just pee. But if you want to make yourself pee in your sleep, put your hand in warm water and you will pee yourself. This works with other people as a practical joke.

Why do you wake up and have too pee really bad but you dont pee very much?

Funny question! Well you have been sleeping for a while and you've been moving around and stuff. When you feel like you have to pee really really bad, it's just this thing in your body which happens to it. But I don't know why it happens.

Girls have an issue that they have to pee really bad?

You have a bladder infection and needs antibiotics.

How do you make yourself pee without knowing?

Use narcotics on lower body?

How do you ride two weeled bike?

First you take of your pants and clothes,then you pee on yourself and get a pretty girl and make her lick your pee pee spot. the lst thing you have sex

Is it bad if you eat muffin mix?

Yes because it is not good to eat eggs raw