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first you need to find out if this guy likes you. invite him somewhere close to your home and tell him how you feel. if he doesn't like you, just try to show him the real you and maybe love will blossom. if he feels the same way just date then if it's really love, the rest will come naturally. =)

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Q: How do you make your long distance guy friend fall for you?
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How do you make a gal who have be a friend for a long time to fall in love with you?

Just ask her out

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How do you make your best friend fall for you?

Flirt! : )

How do you make your friend fall in love with you?

First, try asking your friend out on a date.

How could a woman make a gay man fall in love with her?

She can possibly make him fall in love with her by being his friend, but she will never make him attracted to her.

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that dont make a sense man!

How do you make a 12 years girl fall in love with boy in kerela?

You cannot make anyone fall in love. The best you can do is to be yourself and be a good friend to her, and hopefully she will fall in love eventually.

How do you make your friend as best friend?

Hang out with them for long periods of time, and always be there for them, they will be there for you and that's how they will be your best friend

Are you a monster if you sleep with your best friend while she is in a long distance relationship?

No, you are not a monster, but one would question the reasoning behind it. She needs to make a choice: the long-distance relationship, or the friend she has close to home. Having both only ends badly, and this is already complicated by the fact you (assumably given the euphemism) had sexual intercourse; most people consider that a fairly heavy betrayal.

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