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You don't you freak. Unless she's hot.

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Q: How do you make out with your sister?
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Who is brother or sister or sister and sister in shake it up?

you make no sense

You dont have sister how make sister?

If you are asking how to make a sister- as in a best-friend, then you should be yourself, ask about there likes and dislikes and see how that applies to you.

How do you make your friend your sister?

Your mother or father would have to adopt them. Answer You can make her a sister of the heart. That's it.

How do find your sister?

you make a bebo and facebook to find your sister

How do you make a younger sister turn taller?

Your younger sister will grow if you feed her.

How can you make your sister cry?

well its not a really good to make your sister cry but you can start off annoying her but remeber its not nice

What is someone to his son's sister?

Her father, unless the son and his sister have different fathers which would make him nothing to his son's sister.

How do your make your sister love you?

be nice to her

How do you keep your sister from crying?

Make your sister feel safe and she is less likely to cry.

How do you make ypur sister be adshamed?

it depends on what you have against your sister in other words blackmail.

How do you make your sister let you on there ipod?

scream until she gives it to you then you say i dont want it you can have it back it will be funny and make her mad it works for my sister.....!

Why does your little sister act like your mom?

so she can make you mad and get on your nerves i know my sister does -.-