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Ok... this is from a guys viewpoint, just saying and i know it works cuz I've done it a few times. First off just a couple things to know: 1) Brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash, or at the very least chew some minty gum or take a breathmint. Nothing is a bigger turn off than bad breath. 2) Don't get popcorn because the little kernel shells stuck to your teeth. 3) Use some lip balm or something so your lips are "kissable" 4) Pick a good movie like a romantic comedy or something nothing violent or a kids movie. 5) Sit in a back corner (common sense) 6)If you have um, spit it out beforehand or swallow it. 7) Make sure you are absolutely positive you are both ready. Ok, this is for the guys: Put your arm around her shoulder and lean in just a bit. If she leans in as well, she is ready to be kissed. For girls: turn your head so that you're facing a bit closer to him. Be subtle and don't overdo it. Before you kiss make eye contact. You can usually tell if the other person wants it. As you go in for the kiss, turn your head to the right and begin to close your eyes. Start with just a kiss on the lips, no tongue. Then just sort of lightly use your tongue on their lips. If they respond positively, go for it, if they hesitate or pull away they're not ready. Don't try to pressure someone into something they're not ready for. Anyway, if the person responds positively, go for it. One person (usually, but not always the guy) opens the other persons mouth using his/her lips and tongue and slides their tongue into the other persons mouth. The actual process of making out comes quite naturally. Just remember to start off slow. I hope this gave you some confidence so you wont screw it up. Good luck and have fun.

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Q: How do you make out in a movie theater?
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