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spice things up keep him spontaneous things to show how much he really means to you!!!

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Buy him More things or Spend More time with him.

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You can try talking to your boyfriend and letting him know that you would like more attention from him. Communication is key in any relationship.

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Buy him a x-box 360.

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Q: How do you make my boyfriend love more?
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Why did Jill Wagner of Wipeout get breast implants?

To make her boyfriend love her more

How do you make your boyfriend love you?

Make him feel how important he is. Be with him, listen to him, give him more importance than your friends.

How can you make an old boyfriend whos in jail love you?

You cant make someone love you. If you love them and they love you back then fair enough but if they don't love you then get over it. There will be plenty more fish in the sea.

How to make your boyfriend love you more?

tell him u love him. hug him, kiss him! if u know him well buy him a present. it worked for me!

How do you love someone to be your boyfriend?

You can't make yourself love someone. And you can't control it. You'll fall in love with who you fall in love with. If you don't love your boyfriend, but your trieng to make yourself love him, then STOP it because your boyfriend should be the boy you love!But if you have to let him down, then do it gently...

How do you get your boyfriend to love you?

sorry, but you cant make someone love yoyou cannot make someone love you, love is an uncontrolled emotion.You can get your boyfriend to love you!All you have to do is be loyal to him and keep on reminding him what he likes about you.

Should I leave my boyfriend for my best male friend because he loves me more and I love him?

That decision is entirely up to you. Which one do you love more. If you love your best male friend more go for it and break up with your boyfriend. But if your boyfriend means more to you hold on to the good thing you have.

How do you choose who you love more your ex or your boyfriend?

Who takes care of you more... Who wakes up everyday thinking of what they can do to make your day special... What do you have in common...

How should you treat you boyfriend?

With love and respect and he will love you and respect you even more and more .. with kindness.

What about if a boyfriend like to make you mad after he asck you to make love with him?

depends, did you do it?

How do I make my boyfriend fall back in love with me?

You can't.

How do you make my boyfriend forgive me?

you tell him your sorry and you love him.