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It is fairly simple, ask another boy out and make out with him in front of your old boyfriend.

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You cant make someone try... If your testing if hed care u can fake an accident or something but if u want him

To cry

Give him

A sweet romantic note

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Q: How do you make my boyfriend cry for me?
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Why does your boyfriend like to make me cry?

by ignoring you

Are you a bad girlfriemd if you make your boyfriend cry?

Friendship should be all about sharing moments of happiness together. If you make your boyfriend cry, then you may be a bad girlfriend for her.

How do you make your ex boyfriend cry?

k i l l h i m it works

How do you make your boyfriend cry?

If he is being rude etc.... kick him where the sun don't shine

How do you make your older sister hug you?

you can try pretending that your boyfriend has just broke up with you and cry and then she will comfort you :)

What do you do when you move away from your boyfriend?


How do you cry in front of your boyfriend?

first you say your sad, than say why, then cry.

What to do he urbin a fight with your boyfriend?

cry hysterically

What is the best way to tell your boyfriend 'I'm sorry'?

cry in the rain and then make him lucky after getting high from sniffing his sharpies

Does your boyfriend love you if you cry at night?

Crying at night has no effect on the love, or lack of it, from your boyfriend. Though if he is with you and you constantly cry each night it is more likely to estrange him than endear him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend makes you cry a lot?

if its because hes being mean..... break up with him

Any songs about cutting yourself or getting over your boyfriend that make you want to scream or cry?

to write love on her arms by hawthorne heights