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WikiAnswers does not support the illegal activity or in this case the fake illegal activity for making illegal drugs.

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Q: How do you make fake crack cocaine?
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Can you make fake crack cocaine and how?

Wax. Soap. That's a really stupid thing to do and I hate people that do it.

Is crack cocaine and cocaine different?

Both are cocaine. Crack is a type of cocaine that is processed in a certain way to make it smokable, but crack is still cocaine.

What you need to make crack cocaine?

what you need to make crack cocaine is a chav and some stupid b*tches

Why do you have how do you make fake crack cocaine on this website?

Well unfortunately it is hard to monitor all contributions on WikiAnswers. Anyone who has internet access to type ANY questions in to the search-box, including "How do you make fake crack cocaine?" . If you find anyone who seems to be vandalizing the site you can report the user to a supervisor and the supervisor can block their account.

Can you mash a crack rock to make cocaine?


Does crack cocaine make you urinate?

Not Really...

What the differences between cocaine and crack?

crack cocaine is a cooked and ricked cocaine. crack is smoked while cocaine is snorted

What is cocaine mixed with to make crack?

Baking soda

How many time can you sniff crack cocaine if addictive?

I don't understand what you are asking, but crack cocaine is not snorted. Regular cocaine can be snorted, but not crack cocaine. Crack is smoked.

Can you snort crack cocaine?

You snort cocaine, you smoke crack, which is the crystallized form of cocaine.

Will smoking crack cocaine make a woman horny?

Yes it does.

How long does it take to get crack cocaine out your urine?

crack cocaine and cocaine is in your urine for 4 days

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